My own style of teaching brings together efficient learning and relaxation through music.

It is never too late to learn the flute. I can be your first teacher and help you to discover the beauty of this instrument.

Or do you already play the flute and want to improve your technique, or sound quality or to learn more about interpretation?

Whatever your age and your level, my wish is that you come to my flute lessons with pleasure and enthusiasm. When I give private lessons or teach in a music school, I use my experience and creativity to develop an individual approach for each of my students.


What my students say:

Edith, 47 years -organist and music teacher

"Lidia introduced me into this world of music, beyond technique, dynamics, tone formation and sound.

Long notes… but not boring at all! My tense posture relaxes and the fingers are put in the right position. Playing echo: I listen and try to imitate. Warm-up exercises for sound quality.

And above all, like a blessing, there is MUSICALITY.

I enjoy it enjoy analyzing a piece immensely, listening, understanding that music means far more than merely notes. And this impression of the piece remains with me forever.

She put the longing for music back into my heart. With whatever emotions I arrived, I could relax completely during the lesson and go home happily, free and full of joy.

Thanks Lidia, my most heartfelt thanks!  Playing the flute is to let go, to fly, free like a bird in the wind!”


Jana, 26 years, student

"Because of her vast experience, Lidia can give me precise tips on how to improve myself. I can benefit from her expertise and professionalism to make progress. Lidia's heartfelt nature ensures a pleasant and positive atmosphere during my lessons."


Antonia, 19 years, student

"For me, the flute lessons in high school were a real pleasure. I liked very much that even when my day was not so god, I could leave everything behind me once I got to the flute class, because we could talk openly about every subject, not only about music. I liked the flute classes because my teacher had a different way of seeing the things and sometimes we tried different methods which were also funny and took me out of my routine. I would like to have the chance to go again to the flute lessons."


Alexandra, 15 years, student

"I was playing the flute from the 5th class. In the 7th class I started to work with Lidia Marina and I began to work seriously and to love the flute. I was playing every day and I was feeling quiet. I appreciate very much my flute teacher, because she taught me to love the flute and to take care of it."